ENG201 Current Mid Term Papers Spring 2014

ENG201 Current Mid Term Papers Spring 2014

Paper: ENG201 | Date: June 15, 2014 | Morning

Q.1 Differentiate Active & Passive voice usage with examples ?
Q.2 Describe 5 Business letter elements ?
Q.3 Differentiate Meeting Agenda & Minutes (Memo) ?
Q.4 Disability Bias ?
Q.5 Routine Credit Requests ?
Q.6. Given Financial relevant paragraph, SELECT suitable title ?

Paper 2

Eng201 Today Paper

Question: What is disability bias?

Question: Highlight the difference between business letter and Memorandum.

Question: How camouflaged verbs affect the process of business communication?

Question: What is the purpose of letter of inquiry?

Question: What is mean by Consideration? Elaborate


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