The Web was born in a particle physics laboratory (CERN) in Geneva, Switzerland in 1989. There a computer specialist named Tim Berners-Lee first proposed a system of information management that used a “hypertext” process to link related documents over a network.

He and his partner, Robert Cailliau, created a prototype and released it for review. For the first several years, web pages were text-only. It’s difficult to believe that in 1992, the world had only about 50 web servers, total.

The real boost to the Web’s popularity came in 1992 when the first graphical browser (NCSA Mosaic) was introduced, and the Web broke out of the realm of scientific research
into mass media.

The ongoing development of web technologies is overseen by the World Wide Web
Consortium (W3C).

If you want to dig deeper into the Web’s history, check out this site: W3C’s History Archives

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