cs202 midterm past papers 2023 shared by Hadia

Today my CS202 time: 08:30am.
Total 31 questions.
27MCQs.Mostly from handouts.
Easy thy.
Q: Write the code for ordered list style with any two of list-style-type.(03 marks)
Q: What are the different ways to add CSS in HTML file. (03 marks)
Q: In CSS it is possible to specify each side of the padding individually. Write CSS code for padding top and bottom 25px, left and right 50px.(05 marks)


Write the code given above with inline CSS.
1. Change the background color of the document to blue.
2. Change the text color Heading 1 to red.
3. Change the font size of Heading 2 to 200%.
4. Make the Heading 3 text aligned to the center.

cs202 Midterm past paper 2

5 marks ka question tha us m table bnani thi html ki help sy
5 number
Java scripts keywords hum variables k tor p use kr skty ya ni or 5 reserved keyword k name
3 marks
Array or object m differences 3 marks
Types of lists in html
Objective mushkil thi
5 marks ka div k bary m tha
Div k andr background color height width

cs202 midterm mcqs


cs202 grand quiz 2020


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