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cs301 gdb Solution

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cs301 gdb solution

cs301 gdb

cs301 gdb

cs301 gdb

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CS301 GDB Solution 19-08-2020

To meet the set criterion of termination on the basis of obtained lowest scored in the test with efficiency and effectiveness, I recommend to use heap data structure. Following reasons are being put I
on the table to support my decision.
1. It is useful data structure when you need to have quick access to the smallest element (lowest score in our scenario) or largest value, the reason is that the element will always be the first element in the array.
2. Useful for priority queues, schedulers (where the smallest item (lowest sore) is desired), etc
3. It can be created in-place from array.
4. Heaps are structures meant to allow quick access to min or mx. In our case min: lowest scored In simple words, it is allows to pull out the candidate with lowest score and quickly know the next one has got lowest score or marks.

VU cs301 gdb solution

cs301 gdb solution

cs301 gdb solution

cs301 gdb solution

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