CS301 past papers

CS506 Current paper 2019 Shared by Student

1: Basic queue operations ty
2: Bst ki type
3: Convert bst to avl
4: Ak progrm ki output
5: What is queue priority
12 mcqs from past paper

CS506 Current paper 2019 Shared by Student

19 Mcqs from past mostly .
Question 1 .inorder was given write the left child .
2. What are the function of current and head pointers.
3. A program was given about reference and identity the errors in program.
4.Make a node x between p and q node In link list .and also write the c++ statement to add the node and current pointer point to x .
5 .A tree was given and make a binary search tree with in order traversal

CS506 Current paper 2019 Shared by Student

Todays CS301 5:30pm
Evaluate postfix expression (3marks)
Write down the balance of each node of given AVL Tree(3 marks)
When stack is implemented using linked list data structure whether it is more suitable to add or remove elements at start or at end using push and pop methods explain in detail (5 marks)
Balance the given AVL Tree using double rotation, you must show both the rotations(5 marks)
Write a small program to print the numbers 0 to 100 using recursive function call(5 marks)

CS506 Current paper 2019 Shared by Student

<p>Today paper Cs301
<br>Mcqs was from waqar and moez files
<br>Constarct avl tree with maximum 4 levels 5 mark.
<br>Constarct BST of and delete node 30. 5marks
<br>Which structure is best when dont know the number of elements justify your an swer 3 marks
<br>And one was definition</p>

CS506 Current paper 2019 Shared by Student

Today 11: 30 cs301 exam
Liked list remove function. 5 marks
Queue front and rear status from the given code. 5 marks
Draw the tree from given data number was given

CS506 Current paper 2019 Shared by Student

cs301 today's paper queues,trees,array,link list,
1 prog=find error
2 prog=ouput
3.find root and right child
4.draw ouput of given array of 2 points

CS506 Current paper 2019 Shared by Student

Cs 301
8: am .15 /6/19.
ek question main 3 public variable batany thy.5 5 no K 3 Q thy. Tree banana ek double rotation sy balance Karna. Ek find (),remove (?),update (x,?) clear (), in list data structures ko briefly explain karna tha. AVL ki sequence batani the

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CS506 Current paper 2018 Shared by Student

today paper:
mcqs mostly from past paper
define height and balance of tree
three way to implement of queue
ek code tah us my comment karna tah or error batna tah
ek linked list ka code likhna tah
or ek or code likhna tah woh yad nai

CS506 Current paper 2017 Shared by Student

Today's my paper, data structure, date 9.12.2017, time 11:00 am
Mcq's mostly from past papers:
reference variable ka input tha us ko explain krna tha..
2 questions thy jis main output btani thy..
code likhna tha link list method main remove ka..
or aik BST draw krna tha.

CS506 Current paper 2017 Shared by Student

18 mcqs little bit from moaz file.
Subjective part:
1 question of making list of 1 to 100 integers by using recursive call function.
Why we use parenthesis for operator precedence? give reason.
Draw AVL tree.
At what point it is easy to push element at the that place where pop element ,inside the list.

CS506 Current paper 2017 Shared by Student

18 Mcqs from moaz past papers.
19:Why we do not use parenthesis in post fix expression.
20: recursive function wala ek program.
21:Insert 18 in AVL tree.
22: Draw a BST.
23:Explain the concept of L value variable with an example.

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