cs311 final term past papers

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cs311 final term solved papers by moaaz

cs311 final term solved papers by moaaz

cs311 Past Paper Shared by Amjad 2019

70 percent paperr was easy very conceptual paper overall
Q # 1 Empty text node is problem full? which type of problem raised in this case?
Q # 2 write code in xml file to correect empty text nodes?
Q # 3 J-Dom steps?
Q # 4 steps to connect jdbc with database?
Q # 5 write 2 difference between Rpc and document style?
Q#6 Steps in JAxb
Q # 7 init method code
Q # 8 two ways of vieweed in architecture

cs311 final term solved papers

cs311 final term solved papers

cs311 Past Paper Shared by Sana 2019

- MCQs were mix from XML, Servelet and API.
Subjective Question:
- Write two cases in which we should use DOMParser
- Differentiate between GET and POST
- Write Servelet Methods to execute select and update query
- Write and explain steps using JDOM
+ Create a SAXBuilder
+ Create a Document from a file or stream
+ Extract the root element
- Write 5 steps to connect any java application with the database in java using JDBC.
- Write Common feature of XML-RPC, SOAP and UDDI
- Write complete syntax of doGet(), doPost() and destry() methods
- A scenario was given. Write XML code to link style.css file and convert scenario to XML.

cs311 final term solved papers

cs311 final term solved papers

cs311 Past Paper Shared by Umar 2019

Q: how Content handler is implemented
Q: marshalling(mcq) and unmarshalling
Q: servlet life cycle (mcq) =
Answer: init()->service()-->destroy()
Q: servlet call ........ method to process request(mcq)
answer= service() method
Q: service method invoke which method(mcq) ans=all (doPut,doPost,doDelete,doGet)
Q: which server provide which jar file(mcq and 3 mark question)answer in 275 page
Q: session tracking techniques (mcq and 3 marks question= write the name three session
tracking techqniques) page 293
Q: five steps to connect with database (page 331-332)
1->register the driver class. 2->creating statment. 3->creating connection 4->executing
queryies. 5->closing connection.
Q: database se connect krne or ak table ko print krane ka code likhna tha (page no. 334)
Q: WSDL stands for........(mcq)
answer at page no 338
Q: which is not the characteristic of web service.....(mcq)
Q: write the basic functionality of WSDL ,SOAP,and UDDI(3 marks) at page no 343 also in 351
Q: write the name of the three major web service architecture roles and define them(5 marks).
page no 345
Q: in DTD what is CDATA(character data) and PCDATA(parsed character data) at page 178

cs311 final term paper

cs311 final term papers

cs311 Past Paper Shared by Pari 2018

#Q:-Write the type of cookies (2)
#Q:-Write 5 steps to connect any java application with the database in java using JDBC (5)
#Q:- Difference between RPC and Document web services. (5)
#Q:- In which cases we should use SAX-parser? (3)
#Q:-Write the Server name in which these Jar files are to be used... (5)
1) servlet-api.jar
2) weblogic.jar
3) javaee.jar
4) javaee.jar

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cs311 final term

cs311 final term past paper

cs311 final term

cs311 Past Paper Shared by Qasim 2018

Module# 14

Q #1 Jaxp stands for ?

Q #2 XSLT stands for?

Q #3 Working of plugability layer

Q #4 SAX stands for??

Q #5 Name of libraries used by APi?

Q #6 why Sax is prefered over Dom?

Q #7 Difference between Sax and DOM

Q #8 Masrshaling or Unmarshaling

Module # 15

Q#1 Benefits of servlets?

Q #2 What is cookie? Advantages or disadvanatges of cookie?

Q #3 What is CGI?

Q#4 Difference between Forward() or Send Redirect() method??

Q #5 what is session tracking?

Q#6 How many ways servlet can be created?

Q #7 usage of servlet

Q #8 Discuss init() method, service()method,or destroy() method

Module # 16

Q#1 why we use java JDBC?

Q#2 what is connection interface?

Q#3 types of JDBC drivers and advanatages/disadvanatages of them?

Q#4 What is APi?

Q#5 Describe Driver manager class?

Module # 17

Q#1 what is web services??

Q#2 WSDL stands for?

Q#3 SOAP stands for?

Q#4 RDF stands for?

Q#5 RSS stands for?

Q#6 Write names of the chracteristics of web services?

Module # 18

Q#1 How many ways we view the web service architecture?

Q#2 Four layers of stack??

Q#3 BEEP stands for?

Q#4 Difference between REST Or SOAP?

Q#5 What is service??

Module # 19

Q#1 Describe JAX-Ws?

Q#2 ways to develop JAX-WS

Q#3 Difference between RPC OR document web services?

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