cs402 current final term paper March 9 2017

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cs402 current final term paper March 9 2017

cs402 current final term paper March 9 2017

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1 long tha k 1 statement thi k 1 L he jo 2 strings accept krti he 2 strings b given the pucha ye the k is L ka complement btao bna k dikhana tha.

1 long the l 1 fa given thi us ka pda bnana tha just 2 states use kr k (read,accept reject)
1 ling ajeeb sa tha ajeeb c turing machine thi n pucha tha k is ka non cfl btao 5 marks ka tha wo b
1 short tha k kuch strings given the 0 k n pucha tha k btao k ye regular hnn k ni. b wo regular kyu k finit strings the
1 tha push n pop kya krte hnn stach me.

1 cfg given tha pucha tha k is se 1 palindrom bnao
1 short tha k regular expression bnao jo starting with a and ending with b or starting woth b and anding with a
1 expression given tha us ka cfg bnana tha expression tha(a+b)*aa
orr bs baki yad ni or hnn b to
dua krna yar plzz achhe marks aa jaen bss mere
n palindrom wala jo tha us me 1 condition thi k lettors 0dd hone chahiyen

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