cs402 GDB gdb solution

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cs402 gdb Solution

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cs402 gdb solution

cs402 gdb

cs402 gdb

cs402 gdb

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cs402 Solution 20-08-2020

A Finite State machine can't be used as recognizer for context-free language.
Mealy and Moore both machines are also finite machine, and can't be use as recognizer for context-free-language. Although, both machines have ability to write symbols.
Turing Machine is more capable or powerful than push down automata to use as recognizer for Context-free language. TM comprises of two way infinite tapes, made of cells, with infinite memory. There is a head tape too that uses to read the symbols stored in cells of two way infinite tapes. Recursive procedures are another feature of Turing Machine. TM can only perform manipulation of finite amount of data. Turing machine has the ability to explain the algorithms independent of how much memory they use.

VU cs402 gdb solution

cs402 gdb solution

cs402 gdb solution

cs402 gdb solution

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