CS403 Midterm Past Papers

CS403 midterm paper 2019 Shared by Student

CS403 10:30am (my paper)
1): intension and extension of database
2): create relation relationbetween:
Person, Voter, candidate, provincial candidate and presidential cadidate (maybe some difference but situation is same)
3): one question for the Join of two tables. you have to write down the expression.
4): one question for the join fo two tables. the expression is given and you have to create the resulting table.
mcqs are mostly from 7-20 lectures (roughly guess). Just go through the handouts and you'll be fine

CS403 past papers

CS403 midterm paper 2019 Shared by Student

Mostly quiz from past papers
Minimal cardinality (3)
ERD Diagram (5)
Three level architecture (5)
Primary, candidate keys diagram (3)

CS403 midterm paper 2019 Shared by Student

Er diagram
Or key
Ye most important topic h agr ye ap achay se kro lo to ap ke 80% marks a jain gy
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CS403 Notes

CS403 midterm paper 2019 Shared by Student

CS403 spring 2019 midterm -
Mcqs past mae se 2 aye thae bqi sb new thae
Subjective part:
1. Given an ER diagram find out whether the given 3 arguments are right or wrong
2. Normalize a given table to 3rd degree
3. Draw a cross reference matrix table
4. What 2 considerations are performed by operating system when storing data in the physical stage? (5 marks)

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CS403 midterm paper 2019 Shared by Student

Mcqs past Sy bhi thy or conceptual bhi thy...
Program application k 3 operation likhny thy
Context level diagram bnani thi sanerio given tha . ER daigram bnani thi sanerio given tha ...
Table given tha us m theta join create krna tha selected rows sy..
University system ka online quiz instructor result or student ki Er daigram bnani thi ...
Product or product range or order mein cardinalities or relation btany thy daigram bnani thi

CS403 midterm paper 2019 Shared by Student

Bc170403... CS403 (19-06-2019) 10:00 am
Question1: Names of three types of attribute? (3 MARKS)
Question 2: Adjusut following i mean which one come first? (3 marks)
2) ???
Question 3: ER-diagram bnani thi senerio 1 senerio given tha (5 marks)
Question 4: Make ER-diagram and show cardinality(5 marks)
i forget 5
Sir cs610 k kuch or paper uploaded hoy han please share

CS403 midterm paper 2018 Shared by Student

today paper cs403 by PEER HAMMAD
difference b/w optimistic and pessimistic
wait for graph
colunm dia hoa tha osy math krna tha
correct the sentence
or mcqs tough thy
sql k mutaliq kafi mcqs thy
over all paper easy tha
bas yehi kuch yad tha

CS403 midterm paper 2018 Shared by Student

my today's cs403 paper 60% mcqs from past papers Rehashing k bary mn btana tha
1 ERD Given thi us ki cardinality btani thi
2 statements given thi
un ko true ya false btana tha with reason
ye shid moaaz ki subjective file main bi h question.
CREATE AND SELECT comand k 2 question thy.
1 ERD Given thi us main student k attribute btany thy MS Access ka b
1 question thapr wo yad nhi

CS403 midterm paper 2018 Shared by Student

CS403 5 Sep CURRENT PAPER 11 AM Qno1 match the column thy
Qno2 SQL k statement insert or deletion k
Qno3 statement di hoe thi hum ny table banana tha sql ka
Qno4 three level architecture schema
Qno5 statement di hoe thi 2 un ka batana tha k correct hain ya wrong justify ur answer
Qno6 deadlock kia hota hai
Qno7 ek or column tha
Qno8 deadlock k bary main statement thi hum ny batana tha true hai ya false
Qno9 syntax dia batana tha kis ka hai
Qno10 sql k according tha Or MCQ koe 5 past paper main sy thy Or sary sql main sy thy

CS403 midterm paper 2018 Shared by Student

oday CS403 paper
1-Which of the following is the correct way to find out the size of cartesian product incase of CROSS JOIN?
2-DML stand for?
3-Which of the following is not one of the properties of Transaction?
4-Which of the following are is not performe during the development of application programs?
5 marks question
6- Which of the following is the correct description of cache hit?
7-Which of the following is one of the purposes of using DML commands?
8-While recovering data, which of the following files does a recovery manager examines at first?
9-How many clustered index(es) do each database table have?
10-DML commands are used for:
11-_______is a control that enables users to select one option from an associated list; users can also type an option.
12-Partitions may become unbalanced in:
13-Which of the following is not one of the properties of Transaction?
Subejtive question.
2 question yad he jis me ek question query likhni thi or ek niche bataya he dekh lo
5marks- what is the rule while creat Sql cammand give at least five examples?
2 qestion yad he jis kaha correct or incorrect batana tha jis me se ek yaad he niche likh diya he dekh lo
2marks- transaction ki property thi isolation correect or incorrect?

CS403 midterm paper 2018 Shared by Student

My Today's Paper of CS403
clustered indices sa mutaliq 5 marks ka sawal tha
1 table dia huwa tha us ki sql query likhni thi 5 marks
Concept of transaction 3 marks
Dead lock handling par 5 marks ka question tha
baqi yaad nai
Last 8 lecture buhat important ha. Hashing file organization , Index sequential ,Collision yeh concept clear hony chahiye
Best of Luck

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