CS506 Midterm Past Papers

CS506 Current paper 2019 Shared by Student

1. Write a simple program to draw a circle and triangle on random location. (5 marks)
2. Write a simple java program to write following line in file. (i) web design and development (ii) CS506. (5 marks)
3. Write a program in java which will get input number in message box and return triple of that number through message box. (5 marks)
4. We want to send object from one system to another than how this mechanism works for us? (3 marks)
5. What is prepare statement and how it works??(3 marks)
(Best Of luck)

CS506 Current paper 2019 Shared by Student

Mcqs mostly from past papers
Subj 1) code is given changing krni thi us mn k implementation stop ho jye,
2) paint k liye method likhna tha border layout, page color, 2 kuch or the yd ni
3) employee class, student class, person class
In mn se 2 question given, the, 1) can student class extract from employee and person class 2)
can employee class extract from student or person class

CS506 past papers

CS506 Current paper 2019 Shared by Student

Past sy 5 MCQs ay thy Waqqar wali File sy.
or baki sary thy to easy but conceptual thy means k book mn wo chyzy common han lakin un ko thora sa ghoma phira kr dia tha.
or Short Questions mn ak table tha or ak code likha hoa tha k agr code run ho or us mn studentid di jay to output mn table mn sy kon sa column show hoga.
or long mn ak question tha k ak program likhy jo user sy input ly through GUI Box. or us ko MSG Box mn hi Show krway.
Questions mn sy koi Question Past sy ni aia.
or Almost sary question coding related thy is lia myra paper to bht axha ho gaia h.

CS506 Current paper 2018 Shared by Student

#My Cs506 Mid PAper
30 % MCQs Come From Past
JAva Features
Qurey Found Errors and correct
write program output.txt
mostly last 10 lecs sa aya tha

CS506 Mid term Solved MCQs and Subjective With References by Moaaz,

CS506 Current paper 2019 Shared by Student

CS506 Today Mid Term Paper Fall 2019 By fatima
1-write a program in java that will take a string as an input from user ( using JOptionPane.showInputDialog method) and write/append this string at the end of a text file names "test.txt".
2-suppose you are working as a java developer in a software company and you have been given a task by tour team lead.
The java code given below is reading datafrom "out.dat"file .this is incomplete code and you are required to complete it.
3- code segments are given. what type of conversion (up-casting or down-casting) takes place in each of code segment?
4-consider the following "student" table:
what will be the output if the given queries are executed on this table?
1-select Name from Student where ID="101":
2-Select *from Student:
3-select *from Student where Address "Islamabad".
5-match column A with column B by applying Naming Conventions in java.

CS506 Current paper 2019 Shared by Student

Today CS506 Web Design 8:30
All are MCQS Conceptual and Easy 80% Quiz Come From Last Attempt Quiz nd Subjective Also Easy
1. First Write a Program Print Hello Only
2. Why Java as Compared C/C++
3. Java Program Complete Kerna Tha
4. Java Program Ma Student K Object Bnanay Thy
Or Last JOptionPan walay Buttons bnany Thy North South East West k

CS506 Current paper 2018 Shared by Student

MY CS506 Paper
Today 23-12-2018 Time 8.30 AM
Total 23 Questions
18 MCQs and 5 Subjective (3+3+5+5+5)
MCQs 16 from past files 2 were new
1)On which ports does the following works (3)
i) FTP ii) Telenet iii) HTTP
Answer FTP(21) Telenet(23) iii)HTTP(80)
2) Koi sy 3 resultset metadata likhny thy (3)
getColumnDisplaySize, getColumnCount, getColumnType
3)How Java Virtual Machine works for different platfom describe with it diagram (5)
Answer at book page # 17
Note main ny ghalat diagram buna di
4) Coding sy related tha yad nhi (5)
Mujhy nhi aata tha
5) Coding di hui thi us main musse event handles likhnay thy
Drag, moved, clicked, exit, enter aour pressed k code likhna tha
Page # 131 and 132 handouts

CS506 Current paper 2018 Shared by Student

My today paper of cs506
5:30 pm,,,,Mcqs were roundabout 8from past
Casting,DML,inheritence,new object getter,final operation after execution to stop and etc
1)On which ports works(3)i) FTP ii) Telenet iii) HTTP
2.array and array list difference
3.socket and server socket difference write its java code
4.gui code given convert streamflow into border flow
5.create code of java class name studeent name and id and etc

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CS506 Current paper 2018 Shared by Student

Current paper of CS 506:
Total question 23.
MCQs =19
Subjective questions=4
Only 2,3 MCQs were from past papers, mostly were new.
In Java you want to handling event , which one you will be choose for this? also give reason. 5 Marks.
Java. import. awt. event*;
Java provide many features to programmer than C/C++. Tell at least three features that are more efficient that Java gives to programmer. 5 Marks.
A problem (error) was given we have to correct it and also tell the reason. 3 Marks.
A table was given we have to update them with query and update sql, we have to update Student Name (Zeb) to (Nill) and student Mark(12) to (Zero). 3 Marks

CS506 Current paper 2017 Shared by Student

my cs506 paper today 11 am
10+ mcqs from past papers
Why java is simple as compared to C/C++? (3)
Define those two methods which we cannot override in swing base component ?(3)
Define downcasting and upcasting with respect of classes, objects and inheritance with the help of examples? (5)
code was given , i have to complete the code . code was Example Code 17.2: of the book(5)
one Simple GUI was given and i have to write the code of it. (5)

CS506 Current paper 2017 Shared by Student

my today cs506 paper.
mcqs only 5 from past paper
short question is about filestream ,for read or write statment why we use file stream
long sara coding wala tha ek main button and rectangle ko paint kerwana tha un ka paint method likhna tha
ek main command k through sentence l k print kerwana th

CS506 Current paper 2017 Shared by Student

1)write a code statement that print "Hello" in applet of the coordinates (20,30).
2)write the program that takes two integer and adding them.
3)write a program in java that Animals interface calling to function living() and walking() and Birds implements Animals interface and living() prints Home or walking() prints the walk. The home and walk use the string interface.
4)the code in java that create the database name as Student and delete the student.
table name as Student
column name as studentName
DSN as studentDSN.
5)where we use args[ ] in the main method of the java program?

CS506 Current paper 2017 Shared by Student

65% MCQS from past
paint() method ko direct call q nhe kar sakty
for which purpose filter stream is used
sql statment code k through aik bandy ka data table mae insert karna tha
aik code given tha us ki output batani thi
and aik uncomplete code ko complete karna tha
best of luck!

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