cs508 gdb Solution

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cs508 gdb solution

cs508 gdb

cs508 gdb

cs508 gdb

cs508 Solution No 1 05-02-2020

The Java programming language is designed to be run on a Java platform, with the help of the JRE or Java Runtime Environment. On the one hand, the CO language is designed to be run on the CLR or Common Language Runtime.
In Java, built-in data types, which are passed by value are called primitive types. In the Co. language, built-in data types passed by value are called simple types.
Java type safety is safe but CO safety is not.
Java does not support conditional compilation. CO on the other hand supports conditional compilation with preprocessor directives.
Arrays in Java are a direct specialization of Object. But Arrays in CO are System specialization.
Java do not support structures and unions, but CO supports unions and structures.
Java does not support go to statement, but CO does.
Java supports both checked and unchecked exception. CO supports the unchecked exception.

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cs508 Solution No 2 05-02-2020

While Java is a great choice for building messaging applications, C# has a better ability to developing virtual reality projects. The programming language is specifically powerful for building Windows-based desktop applications and games.

Both C# and Java support arrays. While arrays in Java are a direct specialization of the object, Arrays in C# are a specialization of the system. Java provides support for only jagged arrays (also known as an array of arrays). C#, on the other hand, supports jagged arrays as well
as multi-dimensional arrays.

Unlike Java, C# has something called class properties. In order to offer a flexible mechanism for some class to expose private fields, the class property is used. It is a member of the class. However, Java doesn't provide support for properties.

C# allows using conditional compilation by means of preprocessor directives. However, there is no conditional compilation possible in Java.

Java doesn't have delegates while C# has them. Delegates are type safe method pointers that are used for implementing event handling.

The C# programming languages provide support for enumerations, which are type-safe value types. However, Java doesn't have support for enumerations. C# supports much more fundamental data types as well as allows more extension to the value types than Java.

VU cs508 gdb solution

cs508 gdb solution

cs508 gdb solution

cs508 gdb solution

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