CS601 current finalterm paper 1 2022

Mcqs mix chp9 to 16 mai se aye
3 marks:
1 ques.mention speed of standard n fast ethernet.
2.ques.minimum hamming distance of 4 bit error find out.
4.ques.primary n secondary station ke hdlc links mention krne the.f
4.ques.3 characteristics of wireless LAN.which not used in wired LAN.

5 marks ques

1. random acces n controlled access subtypes likhni thi protocols ke samne un mai polling ,token passing,csma/cd ,csma/ca names the in ke sublayers mention krne thi .

2. Cable tv ke types CM and CMTS ke full form likhni thi n where these devices use.batana tha.

CS601 current finalterm paper 2 2022

1. Hub kis layer sy related h?
2. DLL kis layer ko services provide krti h?
3. DLL kis layer sy services leti h?
4. ADSL ka acronym
5. Kis persistent par higher chance of collision hta h?
6. RTC ki subtype value knsi h?
7. Variable framing techniques k name
8. If a codeword is cyclically shifter the resulted is what?
9. Which can help guarantee that the receiver has received the frame?
10. 10Mbps ethernet type name?
11. Implementation of 10baseT ki length kea h?
1. Hub aur switches jin layers py function krty unk name likhny thy.
2. Minimum Hamming Distance find krna tha
3. Modes of transfer in HDLC k name likhny thy
4. Switching offices k name likhny thy.
5marks k 2 numerical thy
1. No. Of valid codeword aur no. Of invalid codewords find krny thy.
2. Transmission delay find krna tha formula aur unit bi.

CS601 current finalterm paper 3 2022

Q1. SONET four functional layers ....
Q2. Name tow controlled access method.
Q3. Hub and switch py kon c layers oprate hoti hn.
Q4.datawords r ko codes words m change krna.
Q5 aik tables that jis m even pairty check code btna tha datawords ka.
Q6 aik data gram tha jis ki type r pattern btna digram m value r time given tha.
Q7 which sysytem is detect and correct the errors. Complete thk sy yad nhi h quest but error detect krna tha r usy correct krna tha.
Q8. Types of HDLC frames

CS601 current finalterm paper 4 2022

three marks questions
1. question was about attenuation in wireless network and its unit.(attenuation ki defination di hoi thi or pocha hoa tha kh is charactaristic ko kia kahtay hain or is charactaristics ka unit kia hai?)
2.SONET correspond to physical and data link layer.write three specific layers correspond to data link layer.
3.Write about two sublayers of data link layer.
4."station A send data packet to station B.Station A can send packet again to B when it receive ACK reply from B ".What protoocol is this?
questions of 5 marks
4. Identify that which belong to which random-access protocol/controlled access
b) Polling
c) Reservation
5. question was asked about loop problem.Actually a scenario was given and we have to tell that which problem is this.and also have to tell its solution.(spannig tree algorithm).

CS601 current finalterm paper 5 2022

Objectives concepts clear he tou kaafi easy the.
Some Short Q
Name 3 types of Controlled Access protocols
Minimum Hamming distance ka formula
Hub and Switch OSI model k konsi layers me fall krte
Carriers of LATA
Table tha and Simple Hamming distance find krna tha
baaki transmission delay find krna tha Numerical question tha

CS601 current finalterm paper 6 2022

1) ____ show the behavior of data link?
2) Wifi stand for?
3) In SONET, ITU-T standard called?
Subjective (3 marks)
1) Find the data rate of sts-1 frame?
2) suppose a coding scheme has a minimum hamming distance (dmin) = 5. you are required to calculate that how many errors can this code could detect?
3) write characteristics of signal
4) In given scenario teacher is primary who calls roll no of every student. Students are secondary station. Every student only responds to its roll call. What type of protocol is this?

Subjective (5 marks)
1) which service provided by Data-Link layer? Write types and also sublayer of Data-link layer?
2) In the Standard Ethernet with the transmission rate of 10 Mbps, we assume that the length of the medium is 2500 m and the size of the frame is 512 bits. The propagation speed of a signal in a cable is normally 2 × 108 m/s. Find transmission rate with proper unit.

CS601 current finalterm paper 7 2022

Mcqs conceptual te data link layer ,
Physical layer, ethernet, unipolar in topics pe aye te
Long question
senerio diye te 5 number walay question m topic

Short question
1: switches or hub kis layer pe kaam krte hain
2: frames ki type
3: IEEE.11 specification batani ti
4: Error detection or correction ka difference batana ta

CS601 current finalterm paper 8 2022

Mostly Data link layers se mcqs thy.
Characteristics of wireless LAN.
Minimum Hamming distance find and their formula.
Find the measuement of proficancy from standard Ethernet.
Ek scenrios tha jis mn CAP of MAP protocels find krna tha.
Or ek question ALOHA mn se tha unka key terms k name write krna tha.

CS601 current finalterm paper 9 2022

Mcqs conceptual ur ppt sy thy
IEEE ki 5 type.
LAN ki characteristic
Access control ko types k nam
Hamming distance 9 calculate krna ta value

CS601 current finalterm paper 10 2022

Mcqs sary easy thy jo final term k short notes m Sy thy
3 number ka question tha k minimum hamming distance nikalna Tha
Unnumbered frame ka question tha 5 number ka
Aik 5 number ka tha propagation time nikalna Tha numericals
Aur bandwidth TV channel ke tha

CS601 current finalterm paper 11 2022

Q1. Full names of Channelization methods. (3)
Q2. It was about Piconet network. How many Primary stations and Secondary stations can work at a time? (3)
Q3. In a Telephone line, how does the bandwidth is confined to 4kHz on a modem? (Exact nahi yaad) (3)
Q4: Names of three Channels used on a telephone network by using DSL technique. Also to write maximum data rates for any two of them. (5)
Q5. ALOHA flow diagram terms/legends were to be written in their full form such as K, Tfr, Tb, R, Tp. (5)

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