cs710 final term past papers

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cs710 final term solved papers by moaaz

cs710 final term solved papers by moaaz

cs710 Past Paper Shared by Ijaz Cheema 2016

my todays papers of cs 710
17 question
1 question was mcqs 10 msq thay
aik question android building blocks ka tha 10 marks ka
aik android services ka tha
aik WP7 file system ka tha
aik question development model of ipone os
secuirty against the iphone is trah ka tha
aik notification in andriod ka question tha
aik content provider k question tha

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cs710 final term solved papers

cs710 final term solved papers

cs710 Past Paper Shared by Uzma

ANDROID BUILDING BLOCKS: Building Blocks of Android App
• Activities • Services
• Content Providers
• Intents
• Broadcast Receivers
• Widgets
• Notifications
Activities: your application presentation layer every screen in your application will be an
extension of the Activity class. Activities use Views to form graphical user interfaces that display
information and respond to user.
Services:The invisible workers of your application. Service components run in the background,
Updating your data sources and visible activities and triggering notification.
Content Providers:Shareable data stores. Content Providers are used to manage and share
Application data to database .they are the preferred means of sharing data across applications boundries.
Intents:An inter-application message-passing framework. Using Intents you can broadcast
messages system-wide or to a target Activity or Service, stating your intention to have an action
performed. The system will then determine the target(s) that will perform any actions as
Broadcast Receivers:Intent broadcast consumers. If you create and register a Broadcast
Receiver, your application can listen for broadcast Intents that match specific filter criteria.
Broadcast Receivers will automatically start your application to respond to an incoming Intent.
Widgets: Visual application components that can be added to the home screen. A special
variation of a Broadcast Receiver, widgets let you create dynamic, interactive application
components for users to embed on their home screens.
Notifications:A user notification framework. Notifications let you signal users without stealing
Focus of interrupting their current activities they are the preferred techniques for get user attention from within a Service or Broadcast Receiver.
Types of Android Applications
• Foreground
• Background
• Intermittent
• Widget
• Foreground An application that useful only when its in the foreground and is effectively suspended when it is not visible.
• Background:An application with limited interaction that, apart from when being configured,
spends most of its lifetime hidden. Examples include call screening applications and
SMS auto-responders.
• Intermittent:Expects some interactivity but does most of its work in the background. Often
these applications will be set up and then run silently, notifying users when appropriate. A
common example would be a media player.
• Widget:Some applications are represented only as a home-screen widget.
In Android, content provider uses cursors. Show an example of how cursor is written (code) and explain the purpose of cursor in Android?
public class MainActivity extends ListActivity {
/** Called when the activity is first created. */
public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
Uri all contacts =Uri.parse(“content://contacts/people”);
Cursor c = managedQuery(allContacts, null, null, null, null);
cursor handles all the work of unloading itself when the application pauses and requerying itself when the application restarts.
Briefly give an overview of the file systems used in Windows Phone 7 OS?
Phone OS Windows 7 uses two file systems
• IMGFS and TexFAT.
– IMGFS is intended for system files
– TexFat is an 'extended' version of FAT can handle those files larger than 4GB
• For user files, Microsoft Unified Storage System.
Explain widgets. What steps are needed to write the widgets?Widgets are little applications which can be placed on the home screen of your Android device. • An widget gets its data on a periodic timetable. There are two methods to update a widget, oneis based on an XML configuration file and the other is based on AlarmManager
What is JailBreaking in iOS? How is it helpful for user to come out of limitations? Two firmwares to modify with different results – Application processor firmware modification to allow unsigned code to run (i.e. applications from outside the AppStore) • This is jailbreaking – Baseband processor firmware modification to allow carriers other than the intended one • This is SIM unlocking • Similar to other OSes, the iPhone OS is loaded in stages. More recently, the LLB is subject to a buffer overflow which allows unsigned code to be loaded that can override the signature checks of all subsequent checks.
Development Model of Black berry?
• BlackBerry applications are written using Java ME
– RIM provides a JDE and Eclipse plug-in
– Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP)
• Defines common interface for low lever features on mobile devices
• Users can download and run any application
• Code signing is needed for certain functions
– Does not guarantee correct code.

Which measures could be taken while app deployment to achieve security against attacks in Windows Phone 7?
Application developers must register with Microsoft before an application can be submitted to
the Marketplace Hub.
• All applications are code-signed by VeriSign.
•The application development model uses of managed code only in addition to the least
privilege and isolation aspects of the Windows Phone OS 7.0 security model provide strong
protections against security attacks
Discuss the network architecture of BlackBerry enterprise services.
All BB connect to RIM’S central NOC through carrier
• NOC connected to all BES on site
• BES can attach to additional middleware services
MDS focuses mainly on web and enterprise services
– MDS is a runtime container for processing pushed data
– Ideal for Rapid Application Development
– Minimal coding required (sometimes none)
• BB enterprise servers perform all the data processing and management
– WSDL, Database, etc
• Can be arbitrarily complex on the backend

Explain the concept of services in Android?
A Service is an application component that can perform long-running operations in the background, and it does not provide a user interface. ... A service is scheduled when an API such as the JobScheduler , introduced in Android 5.0 (API level 21), launches the service.
Location Based Services
• your application knows how to say hello,but it doesnot know where its loaded.
• Now is a good time to become familiar with some simple location-based calls to get the GPS
• Problem is that emulator does not have GPS sensors!!
• The emulator does not have location sensors, so the first thing you need to dois seed your
emulator with GPS coordinates.

What are the cross layer services provided by the core services layer in the iPhone OS architecture?Cross Layer Services
• Address Book
– Contact information used by things like SMS and Phone applications
• Core Foundation
– Access to basic data structures like strings and other basic system functions
• Core Location
– Location based information (GPS access)
• Foundation
– Base for all Objective-C objects like the root NSObject class, NSString, and NSArray for
• System Configuration

cs710 final term solved papers

cs710 final term solved papers

cs710 final term Notes


cs710 final term paper

cs710 final term papers

cs710 final term

cs710 final term past paper

cs710 final term

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