edu406 midterm solved papers by moaaz

edu406 midterm solved papers by moaaz

edu406 Past Paper Shared by Umar 2019

slurred speech
long term memory or short term
gender biased in text ka pocha tha
vicarious or enactive ka pocha tha
22 mcqs and 5 subjective questions
Detailed questions: co-construction, peer pressure related to bad academic achievement explain with example, token economy is used on what kind of students, how perception is related to past experience,
mcqs two were related to correlation, two were related to dependent and independent variable, one related to meta cognition,
arious Learning
Self talk
Strategies of problem solving
Macro and micro level justification on capitalism and socialism.
Speech disorders and language disorder.
Total Questions=27
Subjective questions=5
Q-1 Difference between Hostile and Instrumental Aggression.Explain with two examples each. 3 Marks
Q-2 Explain Bottom up process and Top down process with two examples of each. 5 Marks
Q-3 In an Economic System i.e explain socialism and capitalism as( Micro level or Macro level). 5 Marks
Q-4 Strategy of problem solving explain with Working backward strategy. 3 Marks
Q-5 Peer Influence. 3 Marks
MCQ,s related from following topics.
Trust verses Mistrust,Gender Bias,Self-Regulation in teaching,Teachers Qualification and training,Dependent and Independent variables,Self-concept and Self-esteem,Self-fulling Prophecy,Levels of development,Token Economy,Material and Non-material culture,Learned helplessness,Learning disabilities.

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edu406 midterm solved papers

edu406 midterm solved papers

edu406 Past Paper Shared by Pari 2017

- Dewey pr 5 questions thay jinme se 2 long mai thay..
- what is frame?
- 3 definitions of framing?
- action research 5no
- steps of critical thinking 5no
- relation between mentor and model 5no
- limitations and benefits of reflective practice
- technical - development
- why reflective practise is a tool for learning?
- what is work based learning?
- team working

edu 406 todays paper
Q1 schon view of reflection
q2 rodger model of reflection
q3 Define AI
Q4 DEFINE Situational learning
q5 developmental supervision
q6 define gibbs model
q7 teacher role as professional with pupil
q8 John 10C 5marks
q9 differentiate between biology of learning and thought process 5 marks
q10 Professional development plan 5 marks
q11 Professional role 5marks
q12 gibbs model explain long main bhi aiya 5marks
q13 dewey view of reflection and learning

edu406 midterm solved papers

edu406 midterm solved papers

edu406 Past Paper Shared by Sohaib 2019 SECI model can be usefull in creating knowledge? 5marks
2. explain the guided reflection. 5m
3. what Is john model: 2m
4. what are frames? 2m
5. features of the reflective writting ?3 mark
6. yaad ni

edu406 midterm paper

edu406 midterm papers

edu406 Past Paper Shared by Pari 2016

1: Postmodernism is a ........approach.
2: Nice girls belongs to .......families.
3: the lowest level of geomorphic entities.
4: about the rights approach.

edu406 midterm

edu406 midterm past paper

edu406 midterm

edu406 Past Paper Shared by Pari 2016

1: what is institutional culture?
2: Enlist geomorphic levels?
3: What is critical theory?
4: Explain differences and similarities about the education system of the UK ?
5: Explain guidelines for practice development of teachers, school managers and curriculum developers?
6: Explain Different development stages of comparative education?

edu406 Past Paper Shared by Rana 2016

John Smyth’s Framework for Reflection on action
What is reflective writing?
What are the features of Critical Reflection?
How the frames helps in reflection?
What is the role of a teacher to critically investigate the needs of the students to motivate them?

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