eng201 midterm past papers 2018

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eng201 midterm past papers 2018

current paper eng 201 file 1 23 june spring 2018

current paper eng 201 file 1 23 june spring 2018

#Total_question 17
#Mcqs 9 past say ni thy but bht easy thy
#Two question 2 marks ky
#Question no 1 .
Identify the two factors are considered while writing the introduction of perposal letter?
#Question no 2 .
Identify the type of document of the following lines represent.
1.it promoted to write simple and direct language
2.it promoted to write direct wordly .
#three questions 3 marks ky
Teno hi truth and false
#three question 5 marks ky
1.truth and false
2.underline the baises of the follwing lines
3. Truth and false

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eng201 past paper 2018 Paper 2

My Today's paper;


10 m se 8 moaaz ki file m se the.


2  factors which have 2 consider before writing persuasive messages.(2 marks)

Memorandum and letter m ik key difference.(2 marks)

Cv ya resume banae the .(5 marks)

True false the.(5marks)

identify complex,simple,compound sentence.(3 marks)

identify which sentence show irritation to reader.(3 marks).

Gradually easy tha Mcqs 80% mooaz ki files se the.

eng201 past paper 2018 Paper 3

Eng 201 (17 question)

  1. how can we make our presentation more good and effective ?(5 marks)

  2. true false (5 marks)

  3. following the statement and make in (Consider) (2 marks)

 4. following the statement and correct in (Clarity) (2 marks) 

 5. identify the type of sentences (5 marks)

 6. 12 MCQS



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