mcm310 midterm past papers

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mcm310 midterm solved papers by moaaz

mcm310 midterm solved papers by moaaz

mcm310 Past Paper Shared by Mishi 2013

Q1 How coherence makes a paragraph easily understandable for a reader?
Q2 Give the reflexive pronouns for each of these personal pronouns given below:
1. I >
2. She >
3. It >
4. We >
5. They >
Q3 Make two sentences showing figurative and literal language.
Q4 Dealing subject-verb agreement in English grammar we “treat most compound subject connected by and as plural.” Following this rule, give two examples and underline the relevant portion according to the rule
Q 5 Explain the placement of topic sentence in a paragraph.

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mcm310 midterm solved papers

mcm310 midterm solved papers

mcm310 Past Paper Shared by Farhana Naz 2012

MCQS mostly new
Countable nouns with example (3)
Topic can be choose in Multiparagraphs? Give example (3)
Question about Coumpound sentence (3)
Define Collo quiatisn (5)
Use personal pro nouns to reflexive pro nouns (3) ( I have solved this question for the convinent of the students. We have to write relfexive nouns infron of presonal nouns. question was like this
"We > " we have to write reflexive pronouns infront of We like Ourselves)
i) I > Myself (Answer)
ii) We > Ourselves ( Answer)
iii) You> Yourself (Answer)
iv) It> Itself (Answer)
v) They> Themselves (Answer)

mcm310 midterm solved papers

mcm310 midterm solved papers

mcm310 Past Paper Shared by Danial 2019

1. Indirect Speech
2. Characteristics of effective sentence
3. Historical dictionary
4. Generic nouns and Compound antecedents
5. PSK (Power-Sumer-Kearl) Index
6. Clause pattern
I hope this was useful. Always remember to upload your papers to help other students.

mcm310 midterm paper

mcm310 midterm papers

mcm310 Past Paper Shared by Uzma 2019

1. All of the following are the elements of Communication process EXCEPT
1.Frame of reference
2.Multi paragraph mean
1.more than one
2.more than five
3.more than 3
4.more than four
3. Writing helps to provoke thoughts and to organize them logically and concisely
1. Practical
2. Therapeutic
4. Brainstorm
4. writing should contain logical or associative connections and transitions which
clearly express the relationship of the ideas described.
1. To express a clear point
2. To be tightly structured
3. SMOG Index
4. To be substantive
5. ----- by checking all your information is accurate and timely
1. Be considerate
2. Be correct
3. Be concrete
4. Be creative
6. The exclamation mark (!) is used
1.At the end of the title
2.To show strong emotions
3.To express doubt
4.To close the time frame
7.-------cover all words that are known at the time that they are printed
1. Unabridged dictionaries
2. An abridged dictionary
3. Derivation
8. a noun or a pronoun by describing, identifying, or quantifying words is called
3.Possessive Adjectives
9. which show express action that will be completed by or before a specified time in the future
1. Past Perfect
2. Perfect Progressive
3. Future perfect
4. Simple Past
10. direction or relation ship words are:
1. Appositive adverbs
2. Prepositional modifiers
3.Adverb Modifer
4. Conjunction
11. Which of the following is a type of short report
4.Public magazine
12.All modifying adjectives, adverbs, appositives and prepositional phrases near the words they should modify Called
13.------- can be syntactical or semantically
1. Ambiguity
2. Clichés
3. Euphemism
14. a sentence that indicates in a general way what idea or thesis the paragraph is going to deal with are Called
1. Logical bridges
2. Verbal bridges
3. Adequate development
4.Topic sentence
15.All are Journalistic questions Except:
16. The parenthesis in English language is used for which one of the following purpose
1.Show emotions
2.Show duration
3.Supplementary materials
4.To form possessive
17. noun, verb, adjective, and adverb are
1.Words form
18. ------ is a literal meaning of the word
What are you known about Clichés. (3
What are the characteristics of unity and coherence in sentence. (3
Difference between Concrete Nouns and Abstract Nouns. (3
What is prefix noun, make a words from these anti, ante, counter, hyper. (5

mcm310 midterm

mcm310 midterm past paper

mcm310 midterm

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