mcm515 midterm past papers

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mcm515 midterm solved papers by moaaz

mcm515 midterm solved papers by moaaz

mcm515 Past Paper Shared by Danial 2019

1. Radio Reporter Ammunition
2. Complex News and Interpretative Reporting
3. What are the ingredients which make a story important and significant and according to its importance and significance its order in a news bulletin can be evaluated and determined.
4. Types of reporting according in terms of content
5. Breaking News
6. Relevance

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mcm515 midterm solved papers

mcm515 midterm solved papers

mcm515 Past Paper Shared by Rana 2015

Total Question: 27
Three question in three marks
Two question in five marks
Mcqs: 23
Some Mcqs
Q1 The Lahore radio station went on air:
-December 1936
-December 1937
-December 1939
-December 1938
Q2 IBC stand for
-Islamabad Broadcasting company
-Indiana Broadcasting company
-India Broadcasting company
Q3 All are the simple types except:
-Crime story
Q4 In Lifestyle following aspect of a society covered except:
-Literature & Art
Q5 Who administers the reporter
-Chief reporter
-Special reporter
-Senior reporter
Q6 Qualities of a good reporter is ------- except
-Well informed
Q7 --------- is a device which convert electromagnetic waves into sound waves.
Q8 -------- are between two business tycoons, between government and public and between two countries as well.
-Social conflict
-Economic conflict
-Physical conflict
-Religious conflict
Q9 News must carry following element of come up to the ideal standard of news.
-Objectivity and Conciseness
-None of the given option
Long questions
Q1 Discuss the weather news 3 Marks
Q2 Essential of interpretative reporting Factual Background? 3 Marks
Q3 Death story in Factual reporting and interpretative story 3 Marks
Q4 Discuss Press conference 5 Marks
Q5 City correspondents well performed Discuss 5 Marks

mcm515 midterm solved papers

mcm515 midterm solved papers

mcm515 Past Paper Shared by Farhana Naz 2012

What are the responsibities of City Correspondents? (3)
What is interperative Reporting and give one example of it (3)
Why Press Conferences are held? (5)
Write 5 qualities of a Investigative Reporter (5)

mcm515 midterm by Waqar


mcm515 midterm paper

mcm515 midterm papers

mcm515 midterm

mcm515 midterm past paper

mcm515 midterm

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