mgt604 midterm past papers

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mgt604 midterm solved papers by moaaz

mgt604 midterm solved papers by moaaz

mgt604 midterm solved papers

mgt604 midterm solved papers

mgt604 midterm solved papers pdf

mgt604 midterm solved papers pdf

mgt604 midterm solved papers

Reply by Usman on June 3, 2017 at 10:47am

MGT604 – Management of financial institutions (7:30AM my exam)

Total 23 question

18 objectives (File and handouts)

Q1. What are the non-financial functions performed by the state bank of Pakistan? (3 marks) answer on pg20

Q2. Write a note on ADB projects in Pakistan (3 marks) answer on pg37

Q3. Keeping in mind the enforcement powers of state bank of Pakistan, elaborate that this bank could target interest rates and exchange rates at once or not (5 marks) pg11 n 12

Q4. What is the role of micro financing in Pakistan’s economy (5 marks) lecture 21

Q5. Criticism on WTO working (5 marks) answer on pg36

Best of luck n remember in prayers

Reply by Haleem Ishaq on June 14, 2017 at 4:40am

My Today MGT604 (ALT BNK604) paper

Mcqs are almost from all chapter but are easy

Total Mcq’s: 19

Short and long Question’s

Q: what is demand draft? 3 Marks

Q: Different between current Account and Current Account Deficit? 3 Marks

Q: What are open market operation? How state bank influence the Money supply? 5 Marks

Q: what is importance of research department in State Bank of Pakistan? 5 Marks

Q: What are the benefit for common man from expanding growth of Banking Industry? 5 Marks

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my mid term paper 28 dec 2015

difference between GDP and GNP?

Factors to attract foreign direct investment?

Typical function of SBP?

Banking industry effects on common man of Pakistan? Something like that? Demand draft?

Very very easy paper

Mid term dated 19.1.2015

18 MCQs all new

Short questions

Roles of finance dept 5 marks

How to attract foreign investment 3 marks

How to improve profit of bank 3

Role of commercial banks in agriculture sector 5 marks

WTO role for Pakistan 5

Reply by Shazia on May 30, 2013 at 6:04pm

Total Questions: 27

Total MCQs of 1 Mark: 22

Total Short Subjective Question of 3 Marks:3

Total Short Subjective Question of 5 Marks:2

How do the banks attract new customers?

Capital strengthening?

How the customers can judge the riskiness and profitability of banks?

What are risks does the banks have?

tell us about the Islamic department division of State of Bank of Pakistan?

Reply by tehmina sheikh on May 31, 2013 at 10:12am

my current mid term paper 30th may 2011,

Q: what are the task assigned by SBP to fininacial market and exchange rate group?(3)

Q:write down factors to attract foreign investors.(3)

Q: write down the risk associated with Banking Sector(3)

Q: define Balance of Trade, what is the situation of BOT in Pakistan? How favorable BOt in Pakistan can be achieved?(5)

Q:How customers can judge managment soundness and profitibility of banks in order to invest in bank? (5)

Reply by +Arzoo on June 10, 2014 at 1:29pm

My today paper

How consumer are main secure in banking sector .Explain? 3M

For investment purpose customers always judge the profitability of the bank. To attract more customers how a bank can enhance its profitability? 3M

What is the role and responsibility of finance department in state bank of Pakistan ?5M

Define Balance of Trade, what is the situation of BOT in Pakistan? How favorable BOT in Pakistan can be achieved?5M

How the banking sector provide facility the common man?5M

Reply by ★aLoNe BiRd★ on June 9, 2014 at 2:25pm

Total 18 mcq’z

Some mcq’z from past papers and rest of mcq’z are from hands outs

Foundation of the banks is shaken due to which one of the following?

Capital requirement

Reserve requirement

Loan quality

Value of security

Lecture # 16

Loans are a bank’s primary asset category and when loan quality becomes suspect, the foundation of a bank is shaken to the core.

Which one of the following is an entity responsible for the monetary policy of its country?

Commercial bank

Central bank

Ministry of finance

Security and exchange commission

Mutual funds are managed by some specialists called:


Money managers

Insurance companies

Leasing companies

Lecture # 22

Mutual funds are operated by money mangers

Fiscal policy is the responsibility of:

Ministry of economic affairs

Ministry of finance

State bank of Pakistan

Ministry of trade & commerce

GDP can be defined as:

A measure of the total flow of goods and services produced over a specified time period, usually a year

Sum of the money values of all the final goods and services produced in a year by the residents

A measure of the money value of goods and services available to a nation from economic activity

How much the average person makes in that country

The primary assets category of banks is:





Lecture # 16

Loans are a bank’s primary asset category

Which of the following banks are not operated in Pakistan?

Nationalized banks

Ethical banks

Foreign banks

Privatized banks

Which are financial products used to control risk or paradoxically exploits risk?

Derivatives products

Subjective part

1) Departments of state bank

2) Who managed the mutual funds?

3) Personal financing?

4) WTO working in Pakistan?

5) Deposits are the major source for banks explain?

mgt604 my today's paper 2012

there are 27 questions:

22 mcqs

5 short and long questions:

1) To attract the customers, banks have to need maximize its profitability. discuss the statement. 3marks

2) Customer's deposits are major source of earning for the banks. justify the statement. 3marks

3) Name the divisions in which Human resource department is divided.3 marks

4) Pakistan's agricultural sector is facing worst conditions now. As Pakistan's economy majorly based on agriculture. suggest some steps which government of Pakistan should take on emergency bases. 5marks.

5) How customer will judge about the soundness and profitability of banks for investment purposes. 5marks.

MCQS were from 22 lectures almost. so dont consider pastpapers only just go through the handouts too.

mgt604 midterm past papers


mgt604 mid term past papers by moaaz

mgt604 mid term past papers by moaaz

mgt604 midterm past papers mega file

mgt604 midterm past papers mega file

For Important Helping Material related to this subject mgt604

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