psy401 final term past papers

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psy401 final term solved papers by moaaz

psy401 final term solved papers by moaaz

psy401 final term solved papers

psy401 final term solved papers

psy401 final term solved papers

psy401 final term solved papers

psy401 Reply by Red Rose on July 23, 2013 at 7:52am

Total 50 questions
40 mcqs
10 subjective questions
1- As a critique of psychoanalysis why do you think so that it lacks emphasis on behavior? (3)
2- What is the significance of professional schools in clinical Psychology? State briefly. (3)
3- How do you evaluate the effectiveness of systematic desensitization? (3)
4- Difference between conjoint and concurrent family therapy? (3)
5- Significance of cognitive behavioral therapy? (3)
6- What are projective techniques? Advantages and disadvantages. (5)
7- Ali enters in group therapy with the feeling of loneliness and considers himself as being different from other group members. But after passing a reasonable time period in group therapy sessions, his feelings of being different come to an end. Which curative factor of group therapy is it? (5)
8- Two ego defense mechanisms proposed by Freud with daily life examples. (5)
9- How a community psychologist can be trained? (5)
10- In forensic psychology, to forecast dangerousness is a significant task by forensic psychologists. Justify. (5)

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psy401 Reply by Rana on July 27, 2013 at 11:36am

There are total 50 questions 40 MCQS and 10 subjective paper was soooooooooo difficult :(
1) How the degree and training of Psy.D model is different from P.hd in clinical psychology?(3)
2) What is the historical background of neuro psychology ? (3)
3) What kind of issues can be encountered in the process of psychotherapy with reference to the gender of the clients? support your answers with the logical reasons. (3)
4) write a brief note on the applications of person centered therapy.(3)
5) suppose you are conducting family therapy what safety measures could be involved prior to being this form of therapy ?(3)
6) How do you define time limited group therapy ? write its central features in detail.1+4
7) How do you know play therapy ? Explain briefly (5)
8) suppose you are practicing as clinical psychologist and a 20 year old male came to you with a five year drug history His family history shows that taking drugs is a normal behavior in his family his father occasionally take drugs.What questions would come in your mind for generation of hypotheses that can be tested? (5)
9) How the severity of disturbance due to psychological problems plays a role in the prognosis of the patient ? comment (5)
10) write about the key objective and focal point of territory prevention? (2.5+2.5)

psy401 Reply by Rana on July 27, 2013 at 11:37am

Q.1 Answer these following question .
Q.1 in forensic psychology , to forecast dangerousness is a significant task performed by forensic psychology it? (5)
Q.2 what is biopsychosoical model? Write a brief note on it?(3)
Q. 3 what is M,N aghten rule, what does it state? (3)
Q.4 how psychologist became involved in assessment? Discuss with reference to study of individual difference?
Q,6 A complete DSM- IV diagontic evalution is a multi-axial assessment. How many axes are there? Enlist and state problems categoried on each axis? (5)
Q.7 Analyze and illustrate any five strength of cognitive therapies?(5)
Q.8 explain any two ego defese mechanisam psoposed by freud with the help of daily life examples?(2.5+2.5)
Q.9 write about the key objective and focal point of territory prevention.(2.5+2.5)

psy401 Reply by Rana on July 18, 2012 at 5:32pm

total Questions=64
extensive Questions=8
1. What is subjective distress? elaborate with the reference of recognition and abnormal behavior?
2. What is play therapy? explain
3. what is the future of clinical psychology profession ? :P
5. Enlist five characteristics of self help group?
6. what is the difference between clinical child psychology and pediartic psychology?
7. what are insticts? write its 2 different types?

psy401 Psy401 final term (16 july 2012)

Explain neuropsychological history (5)
Describe frued´s contribution (3)
Explain 5 variables (5)
What is biopsychosocial model? explain (3)
Child psychology´s developmental perspective (5)
Stress influence on health (3)
DEscribe moral perspects of Naranjo (5)

psy401 Reply by Rana on July 21, 2012 at 6:30am

my today paper 19july paper
total 64 questions
59 mcqz
5 short questions
what is panda?
what is ego analysissocial spport effects health?
clinical psychology code of ethics?
child play therapy?
neurophysiology assessment?
millers 3 goals
mostly mcqs recent quiz ma se they t

Reply by + Rana on July 22, 2012 at 10:37am

Total questions = 64
4 short questions and 4 Long questions reaming were MCQ’s
Write the three advantages of intelligence? 3 marks
Briefly explain the Freud three classes of anxiety? 3 marks
Write a note on psychosocial model? 3 marks
Difference between clinical child psychology and pediatric psychology? 3 marks
Stress is a leading factor that influences health? Discuss? 5 marks
What do u know about play therapy? 5 marks
What do u know about ego analysis. How it opposes traditional psychoanalysis? 5 marks
Why intervention and therapy are considered major activities of a psychologist. Write about tow approaches of psycho therapy? 5 marks

Reply by Rana on February 25, 2017 at 9:55pm

Today Paper PSY401
mcqs easy thy
1. develpomnt perspective 5 marks
2. gestalt psy mn sy aik quetn tha 5 marks
3. home bservation and any system of this isi type ka aik questn tha 5 mrks
4. 2 ethical consideration of clients 5 marks
5. currative factors of yalom ye b tha 3 marks ka
3 marks ky 3 qyuestns case reated thy
means is case mn konsi therapy use ho gi

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