psy405 final term past papers

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psy405 final term solved papers by moaaz

psy405 final term solved papers by moaaz

psy405 final term solved papers

psy405 final term solved papers

psy405 finalterm solved papers pdf

psy405 finalterm solved papers pdf

psy405 finalterm solved papers

Reply by Rana on August 24, 2019 at 2:21pm

Psy405 today paper
1- freud and karan horney throry difference 2 point
2-wht is operant
3-the self system
4-fixed ratio therapy
5-role of emotion in theories of personality
1-advantage of projective test
2-constructive alternativsm
3-punishment change undesirable behavior explain
4_ 3 type of learning
5- 2 procedure abt assessment of personality

Reply by Rana on August 25, 2019 at 3:01pm

Today paper of psy 405
40 mcqs.. most were from past papers. 5 questions of 3 marks and 5 questions of 5 marks.
Questions were ;
Murray developed TAT , describe.

According to murray what is difference between need and aim?
How can we apply student teaching method to Pakistan education system.
Any three theorists who proposed learning as basis of personality?
Oral stage of psychosexual development.
Describe what a personality theory should be according to alport. Any 5 points
Murray defined the process of socialization.
Campare the concept of neurosis by karen harney adler and roger.
Defination of reliability. Name and describe 2 types.
Amna likes to rule and other hand uzma expects everything to be done from others. Name and explain their mistaken lifestyle by adler.

Reply by Anila Khan- MA ELT on August 28, 2015 at 7:45pm

my paper...


long questions:

- bella and kiran went to a beach, bella sais that sea is happy, while kiran said sea is depressed, which approach explain this phenomenon, name and explain – 3

- aleena is happy because he memorized his date on time which type of reinforcement is apply in this case according to Bandura’s concept of reinforcement.- 3

- explain Murray’s socializing process- 5

- needs are inter-related discus – 5

- Fraud’s 3 level of consciousness – 5

- name those 5 methods of treatment which are based on operant conditioning principles – 5

- compare the Karen Horney’s and Adler’s and Roger’s concept of neurosis in child – 5

- what purposes a theory should fulfill in science – 3

- ak Freaud k defence mechanism ko guess krna tha case me se…question yad ne mjhe – 3

- also forgot the last question :p

MCQS 23 to 40 e the kch Fraud and Erick Erickson ki theories me se b the

Overall paper was easy…although I was not fully prepared :D

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Reply by Ayesha Ashraf on March 9, 2015 at 11:20am

Mine current paper ov psyche 405

total 50 (40 mcqs nd 10 long 5 question ov 3 marx nd 5 question ov 5 marks)

1 Briefly explain student centered teaching? 3 mark
2 Briefly explain “like no others”? 3 marks
3 Briefly explain the characteristics of the “political” person according to the Study of Values? 3 marks
4 In which stage model have an influence on the observer?3marks
5 According to the Albert Eliss how biological factor cause emotional disturbance? 3 marks
6 Define need? Briefly explain overt and covert need ? 5 marks (1+2+2)
7 How you define the need?enlist types of needs?5 marks
8 Sullivan interview techniques? 5 marks
9 “Reinforcement” according to the skinner explain with example.
10 Scenario dai hwa ta us sa related question ta Bandura ka imitation concept sa related

Final Term paper PSY405 21-feb-2013

just finished.

Apart from 51 MCQs, following long questions were asked:

Murray gave the concept of Tension Reduction. What is meant by this? What are the Murray’s points of view for this concept?(3)

What is meant by Extinction? Explain it with the help of a daily life example. (2+1)

What is meant by Correlational Studies? Briefly describe its nature. (1+2)

Existential philosophy is concerned with man as an individual and the unique problems of human existence.

Enlist any five tenets of Humanistic Psychology and briefly explain. (1+1+1+1+1)

Kelly developed his personal constructs theory on the basis of a single philosophical assumption "constructive alternativism". How would you define it?(5)

Cattell distinguished at least three kinds of learning that play important roles in personality development. Enlist and briefly explain them.(5)

Skinner discovered two basic reinforcement strategies for decreasing the frequency of undesired behavior. State those methods and exemplify how you can reduce the undesirable behavior with the help of skinner identified methods. (5)

How do you define traits? Enlist the types of traits. (2+3)

Reply by Red Rose on March 1, 2013 at 6:55pm


1- Mention some self-defeating irrational ideas given by Albert Ellis. (3)

2- Explain Murray’s concept about ability and achievement. (3)

3- What is Role of genetics in behavior? (3)

4- Dynamics of personality by Dollard and Miller (5)

5- What is “like some others”? Explain with daily life examples. (5)

6- Write and explain observational learning processes by Bandura. (5)

7- How many traits are given by Allport? Explain in detail. (5)

8- Explain following by keeping in mind Sheldon’s constitutional Psychology:

a- Physique and mental disorder.

b- Physique and Delinquency.

Reply by Rana on July 20, 2012 at 6:41pm

my today's paper of psy405 (personalty psychology)

there were 64 total questions

4 were short (3)

4 were long (5)

rest was mcqs

Questions were :

1- ABC moDEL

2- Murray's concept about ability and achievement

3- there were 1 defense mechanism case of Defense mechanism

4- S-R Response theory & therapeutic procedure

5- Roger's unconditional positive response

6- interpersonal theory

Reply by Rana on July 22, 2012 at 10:38am

My current paper of PSY 405
My paper of PSY 405 personality psychology.

Total questions = 64
4 short questions and 4 Long questions reaming were MCQ’s

Difference between source and surface trait? 3 marks

What is dream analysis? Who gave this analysis? 3 marks

Albert Ellis 3 assumptions about humans? 3 marks

Write the Dollard and Millar higher mental processes? 3 marks

According to Maslow theory write names of 5 actualized persons and justify your answer? 5 marks

Heredity environment analysis? 5 marks

Role of genetics on human behavior? 5 marks

Erik Erikson stages of human development? 5 marks

Reply by saa ra on August 7, 2012 at 8:32pm

Short questions
Who gave factor analysis?
Describe REBT process?
What is libido?
What is mean by case study?

Long questions
Describe Carl jung biography?
Define Imitation?
Dollar and Millar’ theory about habit stimulus-response?
Briefly describe about Adjustment?

psy405 final term past papers stuff


psy405 final term past papers by moaaz

psy405 final term past papers by moaaz

psy405 finalterm past papers mega file

psy405 finalterm past papers mega file

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