psy510 final term past papers

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psy510 final term solved papers by moaaz

psy510 final term solved papers by moaaz

psy510 Past Paper Shared by Aisha 2016

1) Discuss any three factors related to subjective well being.
2) Describe the first three steps that are required in changing the culture of organizations.
3) Differentiate between consultative and democratic decision making styles with the help of examples. (1.5+1.5)
4) Describe three factors that create engagement with the job in the context of organizational settings. (1+1+1)
5) Describe the Michigan leadership studies in detail. (3)
6) David McClelland identified two faces of power, define them.
7) There are six methods which can be used to train managers. Enlist any five methods. (1+1+1+1+1)
8) Provide an all-inclusive definition of job analysis. Also describe in detail the job-related facets that are measured through job analysis. (3+1+1)
9) Differentiate between spatial and kinesthetic intelligence with the help of examples. (2.5+2.5)
10) Discuss the role played by the element of rationality in organizational decision making in detail. (5)

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psy510 final term solved papers

psy510 final term solved papers

psy510 Past Paper Shared by Rana 2018

1. construct validity......3 marks
2. motor and verbal learning.....3 marks
3. Globalization.....5 marks
4. criticisms of tradional psy.....5 marks
5. job dimensions.....5 marks
6. Topic of rationality in decision making....5 marks
7. behavioral effects of stress... 3 marks
8. Life satisfaction....3 marks
9.Norm violation....3 marks
10. Social cognitive approach of leadership.......5 marks
Mcqs from all over lectures.

psy510 final term solved papers

psy510 final term solved papers

psy510 Past Paper Shared by Sana 2018

Total Question 27

MCQS = 22

5 Subjective Question

3 of 3 Marks

2 of 5 Marks

1) How would you define personality psychology. (3) Marks

2) Describe three main features of sensation and perception. (3) Marks

3) Enlist three program of sexual harassment in Organization. (3) Marks

4) Define Reliability and valiadity. (5) Marks

5) Enlist Five needs of Abraham Maslow. (5) Marks

psy510 final term paper

psy510 final term papers

psy510 Past Paper Shared by Hina 2012

Virtual University is an organization, same way governmental agencies, banks; these all organizations share three common characteristics, enlist these characteristics. (1+1+1)
What is the difference between eustress and distress? Give at least one example of each. (3)
Define and explain job rotation in organizations. (3)
Give three findings of IOWA leadership studies. (1+1+1)
Enlist and explain two types of organizational approaches to manage diversity. (2.5+2.5)
Job stress is the main cause of burnout. Justify the statement. (5)
Describe any two sources of organizational politics. (2.5+2.5)
The typical OBMOD program follows a five step problem solving model. Briefly describe each of them. (5)

psy510 final term

psy510 final term past paper

psy510 final term

psy510 Past Paper Shared by Uzma 2012

1. explain three components of culture?
2. what is general adaptation syndrome?
3. write results of Hawthorne studies?
4. how conditional response is different from un conditional response?
5. explain Herzberg's two factor theory in detail?
6. give five strategies for stress management?
7. David MCclelland identifies two forces of power. define them?
8. define positive and negative reinforcement?

psy510 Past Paper Shared by Hamza 2012

Define generalization and discremination (1.5+1.5)
There are six manager training strategies, write 5 of them (5)
Write 2 steps of attitude change (3)
Write the results of hawthrone effect (3)
Define organizational commitment..........(2+3)
write 6 organizational stressors (3)
Write 5 general stress management techniques (5)

psy510 Past Paper Shared by Shazia 2013

40 mcqs
10 subjective questions
1-Significance of general adaptation syndrome. (3)
2-2 steps to change attitude. (3)
3-Results of Hawthorne studies. (3)
4-Compare and contrast transformational and transactional leaders. (3)
5-Why nominal technique of decision making restricts discussion during decision making process. (3)
6-5 qualities of transformational leaders by Bernard Bass and Bruce. (5)
7-Possible physical effects of stress. (5)
8- 2 symptoms of group think. (5)
9- Which decision making style will u use as a manager of organization? Explain (5)
10-Socialization and steps. (5)

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