The Dying Sun For Inter Part 2

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A star is large enough to contain millions of earths. The total numbers of stars are the total number of grains of sands on all the sea-shores of the world.

Distance among stars

The stars travel in the universe million miles away from each other and they rarely come close.

Creation of earth

A wandering star came near the sun and raised tides on the surface of the sun. At last forming a mountain would rise higher and higher and this mountain was torn to pieces into space. These are the planets of which our earth is one.

Creation of Life

Sir James Jeans said that it started in simple organisms whose living power chiefly consisted to reproduce themselves before dying. A stream of life is growing ever more and more complex has in the end produced beings.

Universe is frightening

We find the universe frightening because of its immense distance, stretches of time, loneliness and littleness of our home in space.

Why is there no life

There is no life on the stars because they are extremely hot. They are a collection of fires.

Conditions for life

Air, water and moderate temperature are necessary for life. These things do not exist anywhere in the universe except on earth.

Plan of the Universe

The writer concludes that our universe especially our earth does not seem to have any purpose in the creation of universe. It is a result of an accident. Appearance of life on earth is also accidental.

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