These are some of the known software houses in Faisalabad.

1) Zepto Systems (Hockey Stadium) 2) Ingenious Zone (Gulfasha Colony) 3) Xullu labs (Chenab market) 4) Digital soft (Reax City)

Burhan Babar

studied Information Technology at National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences Answered April 24, 2020

I had the experience of working with some of the best software houses in Faisalabad. I had a personal project that i was working on and needed some help with it. I keep making personal projects from time to time, but this particular project was somewhat more complex and i needed some expertise with it. I looked up some of the good software houses in Faisalabad and i came up with some pretty good results (with some very good reviews). Zepto Systems, Aiksol and Ingenious Zone made the top of the list and i decided to pay them all a visit for some consultancy to see which one can help me out with the kind of expertise i needed. A clear stand-out winner to me was Aiksol, they had a good organizational infrastructure and the multiple teams working around had good expertise in their domain areas. I ended up outsourcing my project to them and they did a pretty good job at it. My experience was good all around and i was happy with the final product they delivered me.

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