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Blind pimples, also called closed comedones, are even worse than all other kinds of acne, for several reasons.

  1. First, they are painful, as they are located deep under the surface of the skin and are close to the nerves, especially on the face and head. That makes them very sensible to touch and doesn’t let you forget about them;
  2. Second, they point very slowly, so they bother you much longer than other pimples;
  3. And you definitely shouldn’t squeeze or open a blind pimple, as it won’t help to get rid of eat, and, contrary, can even worsen the situation – you risk to infect the damaged skin and to cause furunculosis;
  4. Though one would say they look less unpleasant because they don’t have white or black heads as other comedones. But they are even more noticeable, as they look like big pink or red bumps of various sizes on your skin. And they are very often to appear on the nose, forefront, neck and behind the ears where they are well seen.

The causes of blind pimples appearance are the same as for all other acne types: lack of hygiene and excess of sebum under skin that clogs the pores.

But do not despair. There are many solutions for blind pimple removal among home remedies, care products and medicines. However, if you fail to stop pimples with any of the remedies you will find in this article, you should pay a visit to a dermatologist to get examination and professional advice.

There are numerous home remedies for blind pimple treatment, you can choose the one you like the most. But before you perform any of them, don’t forget the following rules:

  1. Before you apply a mask or any other remedy, wash your skin and especially your hands with any individually chosen means and wipe them dry, otherwise you can bring infection to the pimple and cause complications. And any complications of acne can leave ugly scars on your face that are very difficult to heal or hide;
  2. Never try to open or squeeze a blind pimple, never try to pierce it with a pin, a needle or some other pointed thing as you will damage the skin and have high risks to get an infection and not to remove pimples, but to get them multiply;
  3. Be sure to make the allergy test to see whether the remedy fits your body.

So now, as you did all preparations, let’s learn different ways how to get rid of blind pimples.


1. Warm Compress

To make the bump disappear you need to wait for it to point and open and to let the pus inside the pimple come out. As you shouldn’t try to open it by yourself, you can at least accelerate the process of pointing. For that soak a cloth or a cotton ball in hot water and apply it on the pimple for several minutes. Repeat the procedure thrice a day until the pimple points.

There are two hints about the compress:

  1. You can take hot black or green tea bags instead of cotton balls. Tannins contained in tea contribute to reducing inflammation and are useful for your skin;
  2. You can also use any herbal decoction (of mint, chamomile, calendula and so on) instead of water. It will be useful both for healing and for the tone of your skin. By the way, you can use such decoctions for washing your face (read more about it in the part How to Prevent Blind Pimples).

2. Ice Compress

If you pimple bothers you with pain or you would like to conceal it in short time, you can reduce soreness and swelling with the help of ice. Wrap an ice cure or an ice pack in cloth or towel and apply it for about ten minutes several times a day.

3. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is famous for its antibacterial properties, so it will help you not only to reduce pimples that already exist but also to prevent further development of acne by killing germs that cause it, cleansing your skin and opening your pores.

Remember that pure oil is very aggressive, so in order not to burn your skin be sure to dilute it with some other ingredient, for example, with water, in a 1:9 proportion. Soak a cotton ball with the mixture and apply to the pimple for 5-10 minutes and then wash your face with water, or just wipe your face with the mixture after washing it.

Tea tree oil also has drying properties as it removes the excess of sebum, so to avoid the feeling of skin tightness you can apply natural moisturizer, like aloe juice, or moisturizing cosmetics at your choice.

4. Aloe Vera

If you have an aloe plant at home, you have everything needed. As you can read here, aloe vera is a wonderful healing plant with numerous useful properties and is a good remedy for most skin issues, including, of course, blind pimples. Not only it will remove your problem, but also help your skin to restore itself and make it look much better.

You can use aloe juice and aloe gel in any form, from simple application of them to your skin and to different masks containing aloe and ready cosmetics based on it.

5. Apple and Honey

Both honey and apples are very popular remedies against many skin problems including blind pimples. Honey has antimicrobial and antiseptic function efficient against pathogenic bacteria and also softens and nourishes your skin making it shiny and fresh, and apples contain malic acid that firms up and tones the skin.

You can:

  1. Apply pure liquid honey with a cotton pad and leave it on your skin for 15-20 minutes, and then wash your face with warm water. Repeat it, as other masks, up to three times a day;
  2. Make a paste of one tablespoon of mashed apple pulp with one tablespoon of liquid honey. Apply the mask on the skin and leave it for ten minutes. Wash it away with warm water and repeat this procedure daily.

6. Milk

Milk helps to unclog pores through peel-off cleansing: alpha-hydroxy acids, also known as AHA, contained in milk, remove the keratinized layer of skin and smooth the latter.

Soak a cotton ball with milk, apply it on a pimple and leave for ten minutes before washing off. For quick result repeat three times a day. You can use breadcrumb instead of cotton ball, it will help you to dry the problem area.

7. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice has the same function as apple, as it contains a natural astringent – the citric acid that dries problem skin areas and cleanes them. It is a well-known ingredient of different face masks, both healing and caring. It is also famous for its whitening properties, so if you have traces and scars of acne, lemon juice will help you to lighten them and even to get rid of them completely.

Squeeze a lemon, soak a cotton pad in the resulting juice and apply it to your skin. Leave it for 15-20 minutes and then clean your face with a wet towel or wash it. To clarify your skin you will need to repeat the procedure for a week up to three times a day.

There are also gentle cosmetic peelings based on milk, apple and lemon. Due to apple, citric and lactic acids contained they clean and smooth your skin without damaging it, as they include no abrasive materials such as peach powder. They are convenient for skin affected by acne, as they do not bring risk to wound your skin and infect it.

8. Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is another solution to stop pimples, as it fights inflammation and bacteria. Dissolve a teaspoon of salt in half a cup of water and apply it to the pimple. After it dries out, wash your face. Done three times a day it will help you to make the blind pimple point and heal.

9. Apple Vinegar

Vinegars are known for antiseptic and toning functions, making your skin more elastic and fighting the causes of skin problems development.

Remember that vinegar contains apple acid and can be aggressive to your skin, therefore do not leave it on for too long when applied in order not to get a burn.

Apple vinegar is also useful if you suffer from scalp acne or any other kind of pimples.

10. Rubbing Alcohol

Alcohol is the quickest way to disinfect your skin and prevent the growth of any bacteria, so it not only reduces existing problems, but also helps you not to get new ones. It opens pores and cleans them from dirt, reducing redness. It also cools your skin, helping to relieve pain and reduce the size of the blind pimple.

Wipe your skin (or only the blind pimple, if your skin is tender) with rubbing alcohol and wash your face some minutes later several times a day. Remember that alcohol will dry your skin, so if it is sensitive, don’t forget to moisturize it.

11. Toothpaste

Toothpaste is a very popular remedy against blind pimples, as it contains mint that dries and cools the skin and helps to remove redness and pain and reduce swelling. However, this solution is not the best, as the toothpaste contains chemicals that can cause irritation of skin, especially if yours is sensitive, and worsen your problem. There are many cases when, having applied toothpaste on their faces and left it overnight, in the morning people were unpleasantly surprised with the result. So if you wanted to try this option, maybe you should try ice compress instead, as it has the same effect, but is much less dangerous.

Remember you can mix any of recipes together and combine them to find out which one is the most efficient for you. All of them are useful for your skin (of course, if you’re not allergic to any) and will help you look fresh and happy.

How to Prevent Blind Pimples

As you know, every problem is easier to prevent than to cure. Now that you learned about the causes of blind pimples, learn how to avoid them by following simple tips.

1. Proper Hygiene

Most causes of skin problems include lack of hygiene leading to excess of sebum and dirt in pores, their clogging and infection. You can easily avoid it all by just regularly washing and cleansing your face. If you wash the skin with any cosmetics or soap, be sure not to overuse it in order not to overdry your skin. It’s good to use such products one or twice a day, at other time just wash your face with water. You can use just plain water or add to it essential oils, lemon or aloe juice, apple vinegar or herbal decoctions. You can also make ice cubes and wipe your face with them.

2. Hydration

To be and look healthy, you skin and body need much water. Up to eight glasses of water a day will help you to have good metabolism, elastic and glowing skin and body clean of toxins and will improve your digestion that it also important for skin health.

3. Right Nutrition

You know that right diet is equal good health, and it certainly includes skin health. Keep the balance in your nutrition, and you will leave all skin problems (and many others) behind. Let fruits and vegetables take the first place is your ration – and the result will not be long in coming.

4. Enough exercise and sleep

Sleep is like water – its balance is vital for health and for good looking. Enough sleep helps you to ease stresses and lets your body rest and exercise keep it strong and toned, give you lots of air and cleans your body of toxins through sweating. Do not forget to clean your skin after exercise!

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