You may have seen some red moles appear on your skin, these are small marks of a vivid reddish hue which suddenly emerge on the skin. Do not be alarmed as these moles. Generally, are nothing to worry about but can come about by factors such as age, hepatic dysfunction or sun exposure. What is true however is that they can be unwanted, so in this One How To article we tell you how to remove red moles, accounting for both esthetic and medical reasons.

Natural Remedies for red moles

If you are not convinced by the medical treatments that we have discussed you should know that there are some home remedies to diminish the appearance of red moles. They are very simple and effective treatments, but you will have to apply these for a longer time until you get the spot to totally disappear.


Castor oil: You will need a bit of castor oil, cotton and a piece of tape. You just have to apply the oil soaked cotton on the spot and paste it on your skin with tape; you will have to repeat the process every day for 7 days; if your mole gets bigger, seek medical attention.


Garlic: This natural ingredient is perfect to combat skin diseases such as warts or moles. You will have to apply a piece of fresh garlic on the mole and leave it attached to the skin with a plaster; is important that you do it during the night and in the morning you wash well to remove the smell. Extends the treatment for 2 weeks and see the difference.


Apple cider vinegar: It is also a powerful ally to help remove red moles. You only have to wet a band with some of this vinegar and apply it in the area where you have the mark; for 3 weeks you will have to apply this treatment and the mole should become less visible.


Sour apples: The acid component of this apple juice works well to help alleviate moles. The trick is to apply the juice 3 times a day directly onto the treatment area. During three weeks you should follow this home remedy to see how it ends up disappearing.

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