Future Perfect Continuous Tense urdu

Future Perfect Continuous Tense urdu

Solved Exercise

  1. We shall have been making tea for fifteen minutes.

  2. The juggler will have been performing show since 5 O clock.

  3. Some people will have been fasting since Sunday.

  4. The boys will have been swimming in the river since morning.

  5. People will have been praying for rain for two months.

  6. This girl will not have been boiling eggs since morning.

  7. The child will not have been weeping since evening.

  8. Why will the students have been shouting against police since morning?

  9. Will the bees have been stinging for fifteen minutes?

  10. Why will the king have been going through the streets of the city for four days?

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Grammar Contents

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Lesson: 2 What is pronoun
Lesson: 3 Article
Lesson: 4 Use of These, Those, This, That
Lesson: 5 Use of There
Lesson: 6 Use of It
Lesson: 7 Use of is, am, are
Lesson: 8 Use of Was / Were
Lesson: 9 Use of Has / Have / Had
Lesson: 10 Present Indefinite Tense
Lesson: 11 Present Continuous Tense
Lesson: 12 Present Perfect Tense
Lesson: 13 Present Perfect Continuous
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Lesson: 15 Past Continuous Tense
Lesson: 16 Past Perfect Tense
Lesson: 17 Past Perfect Continuous Tense
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Lesson: 19 Future continuous Tense
Lesson: 20 Future Perfect Tense
Lesson: 21 Future Perfect Continuous Tense
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Lesson: 28 Use of Might
Lesson: 29 Use of Would
Lesson: 30 Use of Should
Lesson: 31 Use of Must
Lesson: 32 Use of Let
Lesson: 33 Use of a / an
Lesson: 34 Use of The
Lesson: 35 Use of have to
Lesson: 36 Use of Of
Lesson: 37 Use of Off
Lesson: 38 Use of Infinitive / To


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