Present Continuous Tense Urdu

Present Continuous Tense in Urdu

Present Continuous Tense Urdu

Present Continuous Tense Urdu

Present Continuous Tense Urdu
Present Continuous Tense Urdu
Present Continuous Tense Urdu
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  1. The government is opening new schools.

  2. You are not giving me your address.

  3. You are criticizing my opinion.

  4. We are not smelling flowers.

  5. The cook is not preparing meal.

  6. Whose message are you carrying?

  7. Which magazine are you studying?

  8. What are you doing?

  9. Where is she going early in the morning?

  10. Why are you spoiling your future?

  11. Is she telling a lie?

  12. You are eating pears.

  13. Where are the women washing clothes?

  14. Is he looking for me?

  15. Are you and they not going for a walk?

  16. Where are you going with your father?

  17. The cold wind is blowing.

  18. The birds are flying.

  19. He is going to market today.

  20. The burglar is entering the house by the window.

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Grammar Contents

Lesson: 1 What is Noun
Lesson: 2 What is pronoun
Lesson: 3 Article
Lesson: 4 Use of These, Those, This, That
Lesson: 5 Use of There
Lesson: 6 Use of It
Lesson: 7 Use of is, am, are
Lesson: 8 Use of Was / Were
Lesson: 9 Use of Has / Have / Had
Lesson: 10 Present Indefinite Tense
Lesson: 11 Present Continuous Tense
Lesson: 12 Present Perfect Tense
Lesson: 13 Present Perfect Continuous
Lesson: 14 Past Indefinite Tense
Lesson: 15 Past Continuous Tense
Lesson: 16 Past Perfect Tense
Lesson: 17 Past Perfect Continuous Tense
Lesson: 18 Future indefinite tense
Lesson: 19 Future continuous Tense
Lesson: 20 Future Perfect Tense
Lesson: 21 Future Perfect Continuous Tense
Lesson: 22 Active Voice Passive Voice 1
Lesson: 23 Active Voice Passive Voice 2
Lesson: 24 Active Voice Passive Voice 3
Lesson: 25 Use of Can
Lesson: 26 Use of Could
Lesson: 27 Use of May
Lesson: 28 Use of Might
Lesson: 29 Use of Would
Lesson: 30 Use of Should
Lesson: 31 Use of Must
Lesson: 32 Use of Let
Lesson: 33 Use of a / an
Lesson: 34 Use of The
Lesson: 35 Use of have to
Lesson: 36 Use of Of
Lesson: 37 Use of Off
Lesson: 38 Use of Infinitive / To


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