Present Perfect Continuous Tense urdu

Present Perfect Continuous Tense urdu

Present Perfect Continuous Tense urdu

Present Perfect Continuous Tense urdu
Present Perfect Continuous Tense urdu

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  1. He has been writing for two hours.

  2. The boys have been making a noise for an hour.

  3. I have been doing sums since morning.

  4. We have been listening to the news for five minutes.

  5. Akbar has been learning tables for several hours.

  6. You have been sharpening knife for five minutes.

  7. The engineers have been making bridge for two months.

  8. All the Muslims have been fasting since first Ramzan.

  9. All the people have been embracing one another for an hour.

  10. The patient has been crying for ten minutes.

  11. It has not been raining in Lahore since yesterday.

  12. We have not been believing in rumours since April.

  13. The ox has not been eating fodder for two days.

  14. Huma has not been reading well for many days.

  15. You have not been coming to school since Sunday.

  16. Have the people been joining in procession since 5 O'clock?

  17. Has it been raining since evening?

  18. Has the crowd been raising slogans since noon?

  19. In which factory has my brother been working since 11th instant?

  20. Has she been knocking at the door for ten minutes?

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