Use of was were in Urdu

was were in Urdu

Use of was were in Urdu

use of was were in urdu
use of was were in urdu
use of was were in urdu
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  1. That fruit was bitter.
  2. He was an old man.
  3. They were good friends.
  4. You were late yesterday.
  5. Shahid was not here.
  6. You were not a liar.
  7. I was not there.
  8. I was not a good mason.
  9. Sultan Mahmoud was a just King.
  10. I was in a strange fix.
  11. You were only guilty.
  12. It was a good occasion for advice.
  13. Those were gifts for him for his honesty.
  14. Now he was hopeless.
  15. He was very hungry.
  16. He was a greedy dog.
  17. He was a very wise crow.
  18. I was only five years old.
  19. He was physically strong and powerful.
  20. His father was a famous doctor.
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