Use of Has, Have, Had in Urdu

Use of Had in Urdu

Use of Has, Have, Had in Urdu

use of has have in urdu

use of has have in urdu
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  1. I have a wrist watch.

  2. I have a ball.

  3. We have three guns.

  4. We had a holiday yesterday.

  5. He has always his own way.

  6. They have no spare time.

  7. I have bad cold and fever.

  8. The patient had a hot bath.

  9. I have no interest in this matter.

  10. He had a narrow escape yesterday.

  11. Has he slight fever?

  12. I have no sharp memory.

  13. Has this city any building worth-seeing?

  14. Had you any complaint against me?

  15. Our city has no blind lane.

  16. Ali had a cow.

  17. The school had no peon.

  18. How many boos has he?

  19. These women have no ornament.

  20. Have the passengers no luggage?

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