Present Perfect Tense Urdu

Present Perfect Tense in Urdu

Present Perfect Tense Urdu

Present Perfect Tense Urdu

Present Perfect Tense Urdu
Present Perfect Tense Urdu

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  1. The army has captured the fort.

  2. They have not bought mangoes.

  3. I have done my duty.

  4. Who has seen the wind?

  5. Have they taken the examination?

  6. The rainy season has set in.

  7. He has left the village forever.

  8. Where have you kept money?

  9. Why have you resigned?

  10. The water has frozen in the lake.

  11. Where have the dacoits looted the rich man?

  12. Have you taken your breakfast before Ali came?

  13. You have never misbehaved like this before.

  14. I have already applied for the job.

  15. I have not received any letter from him for many days.

  16. I have finished my work.

  17. Has he come home before it rained?

  18. The boys have plucked the flowers before the gardener came.

  19. I have known him for the last three years.

  20. He has deceived me.

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Grammar Contents

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Lesson: 2 What is pronoun
Lesson: 3 Article
Lesson: 4 Use of These, Those, This, That
Lesson: 5 Use of There
Lesson: 6 Use of It
Lesson: 7 Use of is, am, are
Lesson: 8 Use of Was / Were
Lesson: 9 Use of Has / Have / Had
Lesson: 10 Present Indefinite Tense
Lesson: 11 Present Continuous Tense
Lesson: 12 Present Perfect Tense
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Lesson: 15 Past Continuous Tense
Lesson: 16 Past Perfect Tense
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Lesson: 20 Future Perfect Tense
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Lesson: 28 Use of Might
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Lesson: 31 Use of Must
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Lesson: 33 Use of a / an
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Lesson: 35 Use of have to
Lesson: 36 Use of Of
Lesson: 37 Use of Off
Lesson: 38 Use of Infinitive / To


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