Use of is am are in urdu

Use of is am are in urdu

Use of is am are in urdu

use of is am are urdu use of is am are urdu Notice
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  1. He is an idle boy.
  2. This elf is not disloyal.
  3. Union is strength.
  4. Umar is my sincere friend.
  5. It is very hot today.
  6. Sorry, you are a bit late.
  7. He is every inch a gentle man.
  8. He is a bad character.
  9. This is beyond his understanding.
  10. Are you on speaking terms with him?
  11. It is biting cold today.

  12. What is the matter?
  13. What is wrong with you?
  14. What is your name?
  15. How is your mother?
  16. How are you?
  17. Where is he now?
  18. What is your hobby?
  19. Poverty is a curse.
  20. It is my hobby.
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Lesson: 2 What is pronoun
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Lesson: 11 Present Continuous Tense
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Lesson: 15 Past Continuous Tense
Lesson: 16 Past Perfect Tense
Lesson: 17 Past Perfect Continuous Tense
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